#OneVerse #11 A-Q – SWAT & Bloodhounds



It’s been long since I wrote a #oneverse article, now I’ve got creative juices flowing and some good verses to go with it, so I’ll just get to it. I wanna write about two or three on some tracks on Boogey’s tape, still haven’t decided which tracks yet tho. Listened to the tape today, that nigga was spitting truths yo! I wish him success in the fucking industry.

Back on track, “cypher of the year”; SWAT & Bloodhounds was and is a dope track, some very disappointing lines make the track less appealing though.


Check out A-Q’s verse;

“I’ma leave u right where u right there u stand I’ma nightmare u, 

its quite clear u new to this so watch me kill a mic near u, 

I dare u, try to walk in my shoes and see what my nike air do,

rap icon, rap idol, I do what defines iQ

on my steve jobs I shiiii

22/7 on my radius pie shiii

That Means I got 2hrs left. Take a clean shower then put power in her twin towers yes

So while they asking what’s the true religion

I just want to stack paper in my true religion

in my jeans in my genes I don’t mean my trousers

Alcholic knowledge u can say I’m drunk on power

And u, I cannot give a Fuck about

U got a motorola flow all u do is talk about

I’m  all about killer tracks moving em like contrabands

And when I cop that killa crib I’ma call it slaughterhouse”


In the first two lines, A-Q makes it quite clear, he’s a bloodhounds, and he’s gonna show you what he does nearby; you’ll be so dumbfounded you won’t move from where you’re standing, and leave you with nightmares.

He then dares u to walk in his shoes(Nike Air).

He also starts his i-nouns here but with a verb; i-dare, i-con, i-dol, i-do, i-Q, i-shii, pie-shii

Double entendres; he’s a rap icon, rap idol, he does what defines him, I am Q (referring to his name A-Q)

On his Steve Jobs i-shii, like iPads, iPods….products of Apple which was Steve Jobs company before his demise (R.I.P).

22/7….double entendre…he’s used up 22 hours out of the24 hours in a day, hence the next line, also 22/7 is equal to Pi (Pie); a mathematical constant.

So while they are asking what’s the true religion is a simple statement, a common debate in some circles; “what’s the true religion?”

But he’s not concerned about that, he just wants to stack paper(money) in his true religion(jeans). True Religion is the name of designer jeans.

Hence, the next line, some wordplay; “in my jeans”, “in my genes” sounds alike and he doesn’t mean his trousers; there’s a difference.

They say knowledge is power; if knowledge is alcoholic, he’ll be drunk on power cos he’s got so much knowledge.

Motorola’s “talk about” (walkies-talkie); that equipment is outdated,limited…etc…..like your flow; nigga, you’re wack, that’s why he does not give a fuck about you.

He’s all about killing tracks and killer tracks and moving em like contraband i.e only real g’s get it. He follows it up by saying when he cops that killer crib, he’s gonna call it slaughterhouse(killing, killer).


SWAT & Bloodhounds



  1. JUGNU · December 15, 2012

    “22/7….double entendre…he’s used up 22 hours out of the 24 hours in a day, hence the next line, also 22/7 is equal to Pi (Pie); a mathematical constant”. Is not necessarily DOUBLE ENTENDRE…that is more like WORDPLAY. If pie was actually 24/7 then that would be double entendre but since its not AQ had to include the 2hrs left to explain further.
    Good write up by the way.

  2. Tony Michele · December 16, 2012

    thank you

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