AntiGravity Review

AntiGravity, Afrotunes’ first body of work as a solo artist. Became a fan, when I listened to his collaborative mixtape with Teeklef; Molar, nice piece of work. I have to be honest, was expecting a bit more cohesion on this tape, even worse, the title track was very disappointing, cool tho! Think we share the same birthday, not that that means anything.

Story ft. Teeklef – Very nice beat, Afrotunes tells his story on the opening track, cool story. I was expecting a Teeklef verse on this one though. 7.0

Mind Sate ft. SplashJosh & NollegeWizDumb – One of my favourite tracks on the tape, cos of the verses, safe to say, he got murdered on his own shit ….why not hands down like its six-thirty tho……Nollege!..7.5

Ain’t Nobody ft. Yung Drive – Very sleepy track, nice verses. Why you gotta talk about the nobodies tho?      6.5

Faaji (Cruise) – Nice Faaji track! 7.5

Nowo ft. JayCube – Another nice track, the verses were kinda a letdown tho…sure, roll on, c’mon…nice             chorus…..7.0

Soulbrotha Speaks –Dope spoken word track! Shout out to Soul Brotha! Real Shit, Real Matters, True Talk! Definitely making it to my repeat playlist DOWNLOAD

Antigravity ft. Fify, Ykt-Was let down by this track, especially the chorus. For a title track, it was very disappointing, nice verses tho! 6.5

Director ft. Yesi-This might be Afrotunes’ best verse on this project so far, the first verse, think he used the telescope line on Molar tho. Yesi!…Another one to the repeat playlist 8.5 DOWNLOAD

Honion Bootee (Skit)

Put It On Me-Very wrong track! 4.0

Perfect Fit ft. Teeklef-Teeklef on the beat! This is what this tape has been missing, nice hooks, writing & execution, pauses, what the chorus about, lost love….first verse, lost love, second verse; finding that “perfect fit”….wow….I’m confused and L.5.5

Shine Forever ft. Slashwisdom-Laid back flow, he’s telling a story…nice! Simple chorus, works for me….the feature complements his verse…8.0  DOWNLOAD

Most Wanted ft. Rukus & Yesi-Wtf is wrong with getting someone to take up chorus/hook duties L…or writing something better…..woulda preferred this track without the “no be beans o….” 7.5

Won’t Stop ft Ykt-Nice Track! 9.0 DOWNLOAD

I tried as much as possible not to talk about the beats, Afrotunes is a very good producer, but it’s obvious he still has a lot of work to do in the “on the mic” section. Another thing I think was lacking on this mixtape is the hooks, well written and executed hooks that complement the beat and the verses, if you’ve listened to Molar, you’ll know how much it stepped up his game.

Another aspect is the features , where they didn’t complement him (more often than not), the featured artistes brought their “A-Game”, can’t say the same for Afrotunes, or it simply wasn’t good enough. For a mixtape, it’s not a very compact project, some “wrong” tracks on this one, like one or two.

Check out this tracks from Molar; his collaborative mixtape with Teeklef

Only Get Higher

Victorious (Prod. Afrotunes)

Ko Fe Da Fun E Ni

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