Long Term

Ok, so I’m big Ab-Soul fan, at least I like to think so, and I wrote this article a while back, before I listened to Ab-Soul’s first mixtape. I was really skeptical about listening to it, cos when I discovered his music, I kinda listened to it in the backwards order, from his latest release to Long Term 2, then Long Term Mentality, which at that time I thought was also Long Term 1, until someone told me otherwise, so like a dutiful fan, I downloaded the tape that same day, yeah, I love music like that. I’ve been “testing” the mixtape one track at a time cos I don’t want to be disappointed, so I finally listened to the title track; “Long Term”, and as usual, it ‘spoke” to me. And I’m like some people that are into this music shii need to listen to this. Lemme see if I can find that article I wrote, I think I scribbled it somewhere in my church notepad, it’s kinda unfinished.

Yeah, found it! I originally titled it “VH1 Storytellers” It goes thus;

“How about Long term music as the title of this post, but you haven’t read what I have to say or maybe I won’t even make any sense, you might just be feeling it too.

Anyways, my phone’s battery is low, and I forgot my iPod at home, and I have to do something, no book to read within reach.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking of this VH1 storytellers episode I watched; Yeezy’s own. He was performing cuts from his latest album 808’s and Heartbreaks and some from his other albums, can’t really remember the details, and he was like explaining the concepts about how he got inspired to write these songs and shii….the real stories behind them, I remember that’s some emotional shii right there, and I remember me thinking to myself, this is some real music right there, straight from the heart, it’ll never get old……that’s art right there!”


I was just listening to Asa’s first album, and I thought to myself, that’s a classic right there, you can’t tell me nothing different. You know I listen to some tracks, and when I send in my review, all I hear is, well, there are worse songs out there than this, I’ll release it anyways.

What happened to Long Term Mentality? What happened to making good music, like really fucking good music?

You know I was thinking that if a Nigerian rapper was given a chance to like do his own VH1 storytellers episode, how would it be like? Who’s that artist that comes to mind?

Don’t people think about stuff like this?

Fuck this!

Don’t y’all got a conscience? Where’s the fucking message?

Oh well, can’t be mad…..i don’t know shii……

I'm curious, what did you think? Talk to me; leave a comment

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