“Cypher of the Year” or Not



Sitting here on my bed, trying to compose a post for my blog, which lately some people have been asking me about; pretty sure they’ll never visit it though. Anyways, I decided to like write a review of some of the tracks I’ve downloaded over the weeks, or should I say months.

So I decided to listen to the “cypher of the year”; SWAT & Bloodhounds Pt II, but before I do that lemme listen to the original, when I first downloaded it and tried to listen to it, back then I was still b8umping WTOH; on some Shady 2.0 shii, and the track sounded like an abomination, wtf were these rappers thinking jumping on this beat. Anyways, bout 2-3 months down the line, its still sounding like shii to me; refined shii. And I’m like, okay, lemme listen, gotta write something for the blog, so I start listening, and then the first guy goes in; Godwon I think, he’s got the flow and like an aggressive tone to it, blood pumping and shii, and I’m like this is good, this might just be the best verse on the track; then he drops a line that weakens me; “….you can’t wash me homeboy, I’m a bloodstain…”, and that line just makes me sad, I’m like wtf….u telling me a bloodstain can’t be washed off? Anyways, it’s still like the best, second best verse on the track. Anyways, I don’t want to decimate all thye verses, my time is too important for this, skips track to A-Q’s verse……fuck!!!!! This guy is being slept on….thou shall fuck with him not….the flow, his lines, fuck!…..what he did with that Crooked I line bout how he can power the twin towers, yeah, I see what he did there…..nice!!!!!!! Now I really wish I wrote the #oneverse article on his verse, but blehh….thats not what I’m looking for. ….A-Q, where’s that “Make your best rapper look stupid EP”…..damn!…..fuck it, I’m not late to the party.  Still, I’m disappointed, Cyrus like tweeted bout this track back in February or march I think, and when I saw the line up, I was like damn!….i was expecting a whole lot more sha…..a whole fucking lot more….see the name na…..can you blame me.

Now I don’t feel like listening to the part ii, o remix, whatever they called it. Don’t have a choice tho L….,,,,S/O to Lord V for sending me the well mixed version of the track, same first verse L…….nice!……A-Q’s verse……it sounded better on the hammer dance instrumental jor 3-|…….Lord V!!…..nice!……….fuck!….Godwon and A-Q should have recorded new verses for the part 2……one thing I always ask myself when an artist collabs with another artist on a track, you know this guy’s verse is not good enough for the track, yet you still put him on it…..why?….cos he’s a “celeb” , cos he’s “happening” and shii…..fuck no!…they might say its pride tho,…..hell yh…..looool…..a nigga’s gotta have standards..….jst saying…..anyways…back to the track; Boogey’s verse…..yh, I was writing all that random shii, cos I’m not knighthouse, but won beri……Cyrus now changed his verse, oh well……let us make way for Arrow Gang…..#okbye


SWAT & Bloodhounds I

SWAT & Bloodhounds II

Soul Brother #3

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