Been a long time coming

Been longing to post some “heartfelt” shii on the blog for a while, still searching for inspiration. Anyways, i wrote this short piece like 2 months ago, and i’ve been like undecided whether i should post it or not. I’m kinda just posting it cos of one person, yeah, just one person, you know yourself. Anyways, the rant is always what i’ve been up to; mostly music and stuffs. Finally downloaded that Boogey’s mixtape btw, dope af, its kind of a “real thinker” album, except he’s faster. After i listened to brave ones, i was expecting some of those kinda tracks and i wasn’t disappointed and i was disappointed also, i was expecting some tracks to like “speak” to me. When i listen to some artists music, thats what i expect, even if i dont “feel’ it, i can relate to some of that shii, not all those gang banging shii tho. Why did i start listening to Griot, posted like two of his tracks on that site, but i didn’t listen to them, then one fateful day, out of boredom i downloaded “how e go be like ft fame”; track 1 off his Soul Therapy EP, anyways, the track “spoke” to me, i’ve always wondered do some rappers like think about shii like this or do they just go in. Listen to M2E off Boogey’s tape, that’s like my “favorite” track on the tape, then Listen…..but think about it, what do they really say that i want to hear? whats the message that they pass? bring back that “the bandits ep”….this post isn’t as arranged as i would have loved it to be, but….err…..lemme continue, as i was saying, dope tape; good music! Off that AI tape.
Recognize Vol. 1; i was really skeptical when i was downloading this tape, but gimme fast internet, what do you expect me to do?, download music, music, music and some lame tv series. Dope tape….first of all, i think its funny that i hadn’t heard about that XII Gage guy before they released his tape…..i haven’t listened to Ms Chief’s “Big Hit” Like Friday or the one with WIzKid,….but i was kinda impressed, she stuck to “popular” beats…strange clouds and i cant remember the rest, but nice!….for now, my best track on the tape is “Yeza”….cos of the beat…..yeah, the guy did justice to it….Johnny B!…….Love the beat selection, some cool stories on there…..not many quotables on there tho……even the cypher 😦
I wrote this in one sitting…..TJ thanks for the push..

Good Kid, Maad City…..not really on form to talk about it…….”bitch don’t kill my vibe”……

On to other things; top tapes this year; IM2, OTT, Bandits EP, Soul Therapy, AI and Recognize Vol. 1. Bandits is definitely at the top of the list….

The short “peom” i wanted to post is the next post.

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