The Struggle Review: DJ Khaled’s “Kiss the Ring” vs Weezy’s “Dedication 4” vs 2 Chainz’ “B.OA.T.S”

Haven’t listened to any of the albums, maybe some cuts off dj khaled’s album…..dats all. Dope review btw. S/o to the writer for this one. Think we all knew Dedication 4 was below expectations tho.

*gonga aso instrumental drops*……
I’m back at ya… I’m back at ya…. Yeah yeah I’m back at ya.. Yo I said I’m back at ya……
First things first I have a couple things to get off my chest real quick:

1. Check out the previous review I did on Rick Ross’s new album GFID.
2. I dropped this a couple days after my birthday so I’ll be posting all the nudes I got that day on my twitter. Follow a nigga and witness history (@LifeIsIzzy) !… Nah I’m kidding just click follow make I hit 600 bruv 😐
3. Incase you wondering why you should trust my opinions about music or about anything at all I’ll tell you…… I be correct guy…. Oya Let’s get down to biz.

This is not even a review man. Sorry for misleading yall but this is actually a WWE cage fight between 3 verbal wrestlers from the south. Only 1 shall be left standing in the end:
Dj Khaled [Kiss The Ring] vs Lil Wayne [Dedication 4] vs 2 Chainz [Based On A Tru Story]

A few words on these projects:
(KTR): Yo this is my first khaled album I’ve heard top to bottom.. We all know this man’s capability to drop hits but can he put an album together? Will this be the hip hop album by a DJ that can stand next to DJ clue’s Professional 1 and 2? The answer to those questions dey right here. I thought about stating the fact that Khaled is responsible for Ross being the monster he is in the game right now but I’ll chill. Its too early in the review to have niggas disagreeing with me and exiting this page…
WARNING: There is a monumental amount of Ace Hood spilled all over this shit b… Walk with me

(D4): I’ve been impressed by wayne features lately man. I believe he will make a comeback with this. Forget everything you’ve read on twitter the real truth about this project is all here…

(BOATS): Yo when this album dropped the amount of reluctance to click the download button was impeccable man. Niggas treated the download button on this album like a Dana Air ticket b… Nobody wanted anything to do with mr double chainz flows.. But being the warrior I am I had to man up and give this a listen so that I can help unlock the numerous questions clouding the minds of the masses like… Does mr. Codiene cowboy have anything to offer besides lyrics you can tweet while drunk? Can mr chainz ever rap as fast as Kanye West made him rap on Mercy? All those questions dey answered right here. Also, my homeboy told me he read a review about this album and it said this is music for strictly ballers riding in big fancy cars n paying for pussy. That an average man cannot relate to this…. Wtf is wrong with you hip hop fans b? When yall were listening to DMX talking about killing people yall really related to that? Like that was what was on your mind? Word? When Eminem said he wished his mom would die yall RELATED to that??????? Smh music is made to be enjoyed man. I mean its 100x doper when you really relate to it but how many times is somebody’s message going to be like your boring life? Its entertainment bro. No be documentary. Yo when you dance to Awilo its cos u relate to it fam? You don’t even have to understand music to feel it. Smh you niggas disgust me. Oh well make we prosper

ROUND 1 [winner: 2 chainz] :
(KTR) ShoutOut To The Hood feat Meek Mill, Ace Hood and Plies
This shit is fire. You’d think the album opener’ll be some star studded song judging from the tracklist but this is unexpected n pretty ill. Meek mill knows how to make hits man he took this track by the horns. Dude has the total rap package.. Ace hood went hard too but the suprise on this came from plies fam.. My nigga Plies grabbed his doctor coat from that him n Keri Hilson video then totally operated this beat. The beat no survive. Sadly 😦

(D4): So Dedicated feat Bird Man
Beat is from Rozay’s So Sophisticated… I think Jae Millz should have came through on this the same way Meek Mill came on the original and got his shine on. Normal tune. Witty bars. Nothing too corny, nothing too special. I’ve heard better outros from bird man as well…… This is just plain laziness from Baba Tune and son

(BOATS): Yuck feat Lil Wayne
Omo!!! 2 chainz at his very best! You’d think they’ll try to recreate the magic from “duffel bag boy” nah son they went in a whole different direction. This wayne chorus is doper than any verse he could have layed on this. Its a verse on its own as a matter of fact. Perfect album opener.

ROUND 2 [winner: dj khaled]
(KTR): BITCHES and BOTTLES feat Future, T.I and Lil Wayne
This is the jam partner. As soon as this beat drops and you hear Future scream “TURN UP….. I said TURN UP!!!” You have no other choice than to turn up the volume of your device to the highest decibels possible. If you’re familiar with the dreaded astronaut you already know Future doesn’t slack on hooks b. I don’t know how T.I handles all of his 11 kids, appears in 2 reality shows, manages to stay out of prison and still finds energy to go this hard on track fam… The king is indeed back. However young tuna fish killed this track.

(D4): Same Damn Tune
Yo….. There are a couple super dope bars on this….. A couple super corny ones as well. This is kinda fire but this is not the wayne we know man. Weezy’s known for burying instrumentals and this wasn’t buried. Diddy still has the best verse on this instrumental as far as I’m concerned. Beat is from Future’s “same damn time”.

(BOATS): Crack
Didnt like this at first listen. At allllllll.. But after a couple plays this song is reallyyyyy catchy b.. Duex chainz just “created” his own slang on this. Or made an existing slang popular… Pretty creative. Hear this a couple times and you’ll be screaming “I got crinnnnnnnackkkk!” randomly the whole day. Titty boy music is like hypnosis b. It just gets into your mind and stays there….

ROUND 3 [winner: lil wayne]
(KTR) I Wish You Would feat Kanye West and Rick Ross
This hit boy kid is really here to stay. He’s the same dude that produced niggas in paris. Its rare you see kanye leave production work in somebody’s hands over and over again. ShoutOut to hit boy. This joint came out of the blue and left everybody appalled like Go Hard did few years back. Kanye x Khaled collabos no d ever fall hand. Ross decapitated this shit. Drop 3 geniuses in a room and this is what you’ll get…. Yeah I said 3 geniuses. Its your job to figure out who the 3 are. By the way, the video of this jam > Inception movie.

Tweetable Quotable: 60% OF THIS JAM
This beat finally got put to a permanent nap bro. This is the lil wayne I love. This is illl!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a “cashing out” competition, millions of people around the world sent in their remixes to this track but I doubt anybody out did what Tunechi did on this. Too sick. Young Tuna Fish back!

(BOATS): Dope Peddler
Catchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Lol yo the sample on this is crazy. I don’t know how they came about this stuff… Or somebody sang it… Its an old country singer talking about the dope peddler on this shit b. Lol pretty mind boggling. I think kanye had a hand in this. Its not even about what 2 chainz says or whatever its about how he says it. You might hate it at first while you’re sober but when this enters your ear drums while you’re drunk you’ll totally fall in love with it brother.

ROUND 4 [winner: Lil Wayne]
(KTR) Take It To The Head ft Nicki Minaj, Ross, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne
Errrr……. Skip

(D4) No Worries Ft Detail
Yo nah blood… The dedication 4 has come alive b. I thought we were only getting lazy freestyles but this is an actual complete, full, accurate, single worthy jam my niggas. This joint is flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D4 has come alive ladies and gentlemen. Wayne should have gave one of those numerous guys wey dey YMCMB bench this song make dem blow. Fuck! Smh this song shouldve been given to Cory Gunz *sigh

(BOATS) No Lie ft Drake..
Fire………………………. I kept waiting for Drake to throw a shirt on in the video tho… I thought he was just dressing up. Ma guy wear BYC vest through out the whole clip 😐 . YOLO indeed. Also wetin drake mean by “…me and 2 chainz go wayyyy back”? :s :s Famzing na universal matter 😐

ROUND 5 [winner: dj khaled]

KTR: They Ready ft J.Cole, Big Krit and Kendrick Lamar
Tweetable Qoutable: hol up……. DON’T FORGET ABOUT COMPTON NIGGA….!
This is my ringtone partner. Big Krit went in on this beat. Kendrick killed it as expected…… J.Cole….. J.Cole went in…. But I was thinking we’ll get J.Cole from a “star is born”… But nah…. my nigga jermaine cole is still on vacation running around the bahamas with no shirt on along side trey songz n rihanna drinking liquor out of coconut shells… I’m still waiting for cole to come back b. This is cool but he has to get back being amazing

D4: Mercy ft Nicki Minaj
Tweetable Quotable: ALL MY WHORES IS WHORING!!!
Nobody can go wrong on this beat I guess.. I’ve loved every version I’ve heard so far. Nicki summoned one of her multiple personalities, prolly the one tunechi most is scared of and went to work!! This was totally fire until wayne started trying to rhyme Bus with Parachute smh. The averageness is back in full effect. This mixtape so far has been nothing but a pussy eating manual and a trukfit commercial.
BTW check out the sycho ft drew and boogey and vector version of mercy. Both ill

BOATS: Birthday Song ft Kanye West
Tweetable Quotable: SHE GOT A BIG BOOTY SO I CALL HER BIG BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tune!!!!!…….. Nah I’m bullshitting, well not really, I mean it’s a tune but this fell below expectations to me. I thought the kanye feature on BOATS would be nuts. Maybe I expected too much. Its hella catchy but I expected more. My nigga 2 Pendants said:
“When I die bury me inside the gucci storrrre!!!/ When I die bury me inside the louis storrrrrrre!!!!!!”
How many bodies do you really have fam? How many burials we go gats do my nigga? Nah 2 chainz can’t die yet b… Till we figure out where and how we go bury homeboy…………………………….. Or wait…….. we fit put him body for inside louis store and the chainz in gucci………………. Aite then. Settled

ROUND 6: [winner: dj khaled]

KTR: I’m So Blessed ft T-pain, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and Ace Hood
Never heard a wack jam by Big Sean and khalifa. They have close to 10 collabos together.. All top notch. This shit is crazy… Smh I lack words to express what this wiz khalifa verse does to my ears everytime I bump to this. Ace Hood is the suprise package on this album so far. Dude has really improved. Most improved rapper of the year award goes to mr.ace. Tpain still got it too. I just wish my guy Asap Rocky had the chance to flex on this beat…………………….

BOATS: I’m Different
Tweetable Quotable: PULLED UP TO THE SCENE WITH MY CEILING MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catchyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Produced by same dude who produced rack city… Same ingredients to rack city as well = Simple beat, amazing jam. See, the thing is, you might have to be intoxicated to fully appreciate duex chainz music and I’m totally fine with that. Different moods for different music. If you’re the type to get impressed by bars only this music is not for you.

D4: Burn
Yo smhfh yo why is Drake not on this instrumental with little wayne? I’ve had it b. Nah I can’t take this no more. D4 might have to face relegation folks. This is absolute trash. Wayne has taken ‘I can do what I want’ too far. This is just mockery of hip hop. Dedication 4 is just a TrukFit flyer and a cunninglingus pamphlet fam. All weezy F baby (F for phenomenal) does on this tape is slang trukfit, slang trukfit, eat pussy, eat pussy, slang trukfit, slang trukfit, carry a big gun, eat pussy and slang more damn trukfit. Young tuna fish has so many techniques of eating vagina I’m starting to think the illuminati is real b. That’s the only explanation I can come up with broham. I believe the illuminati is real and the new world order is to brain wash the mass public into eating pussy as a 3 course meal. What the entire fuck???? No fucking way I’m through with this. Another thing.. Mixtapes don’t come in this format no more pimp. Drake changed the whole mixtape game with So Far Gone. Weezy mean say since him reach house from prison him never hear Rich Forever? Pusha T tape? Lloyd Banks tape? Meek mill tape? Mixtapes contain album worthy fire these days. You can’t just take beats folks are tired of hearing remixes of, align them on CD n call it a mixtape b. So yeah fuck D4. That’s all. Wayne has been grabbed by neck and thrown outside the ring undertaker style. Shit happens. Moving On

ROUND 7: [winner: 2 chainz)

KTS: Hip Hop ft Scarface and Nas
Word of advice.. Yo if any hip hop head asks you if you’ve heard this song just say yes even if you haven’t dawg…. I had to learn this the hard way… We were at a party n I got asked if I’ve heard this song I said nah… Yo my homeboy stopped the whole party for a complete 4mins 23 seconds for us to hear this joint dawg. Drunk niggas n women whom prolly have never heard of scarface all had to endure 4 minutes of pure brilliant hardcore hip hop. Its that dope. Khaled is a smart man. This song will forever be heard in hip hop. Its one of those songs even kids 5 years old right now will get to hear if they ever decide to listen to rap. Maybe that’s saying too much but its definitely up there. One of those songs you never delete from your memory card.

BOATS: Extremely Blessed ft The Dream
This should have been the mr double chainz’ next single after no lie. An improved version of Plies x Neyo’s Bust It Baby. Toooooo smooth!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know mr chainz could take it any slower but he absolutely did. And I love it. And when the beat switches…. Smh omo when the beat switches and the 808’s come in???????????? Smh the dream na genius. Oh gaaaaaadddd! *big sean voice*

ROUND 8 [winner: dj khaled]
KTR: I Did It For My Dawgs ft Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana and Jadakiss
One of my favourite tracks on this album. All 4 of them went extremely hard. My nigga Rozay feet haven’t touched the ground since 2011 b. Nigga totally flaoted on this. Everybody went in! Perfectly executed jam. I actually “relate” to this song alotttttttttt. Every man amongst his peers and homeboys has to step up to the plate be THE man who will put his hommies on…. We probablly woundnt have ever heard about lloyd banks if 50 never stepped up….. Wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy Nate Dogg’s raspy voiced melodies if Snoop Dogg never stepped up. That aside.. You have to take a poll of who had the biggest lie when you have Jada and Rozay on thesame track dawg. You just have to. Here goes:
Ross: “couple milli on my neck like I’m tryna get indicted/ got a mansion, got a yatch, bad bitch and a tiger!”
Jada: “watch who you drinking with, watch who you smoking with/ 1.7M in my safe when I open it”
Yeah you be the judge

BOATS: I Luv Strippers ft Nicki Minaj
Didn’t even listen to this song but I have something so say b………………….. Love they say is all about trust and I heard my boo nicki say she was a virgin….. I readily believe her broham. And as soon as I win that MTN air craft I’m selling it and scooping nicki, hitting vandiekya and de-flowering my princess.

ROUND 9 [winner 2 chainz]

KTR: I Don’t See Em ft 2 chainz, Ace Hood, Baby
This is trash after 2 chainz verse. This is an old song I think cos Ace Hood is pretty horrible here… Baba Tune killed this intro sha

BOATS: Stop Me Now ft Dollar Boy
Type of song you listen to 1st thing in the morning. Dope sample. Titty boy reunites with Dollar boy (the other half of Playa Circle). The boys killed it. 2 just KINDA explains his whole style on this:
“….I’m the type to make a old school look bentley coupe/ turn 1 to 10, that’s what I plan to do…”
Its not about what he’s saying, he knows he doesn’t have the words like your average new york lyricist, he’s not claiming to.. Its how he says what he says. That’s his strength. He recognizes that and is proud of it. Dollar boy came in on the 3rd verse and didn’t dull the guest artist-killing-last-verse reputation at alllll. I hope that made sense…

ROUND 10:[winner: khaled]

KTS: Don’t Pay For It feat Wale, Tyga, Mack Maine, Kirko Bangz
Take a good look this line up partner. E no just enter. Asin khaled is against the ropes right now about to get kicked out Ray Mysterio style. This jam actually dey dope…. But Wale and Mack Maine are too dark to be on this track b. This is a song for light skin dudes to play with.. They’re talking about not paying pussy… Drake should be on this. Wouldve been a total complete jam if Aubery was on this. This is pretty dope but Wale and Mack Mizzle don’t fit this track…… Khaled looking real exhausted right now tho

BOATS: Money Machine
Produced by Drumma Boy……….. I thought Drumma Boy had a signature sound…….. He doesn’t…………… No problem with that…… Oh well there’s nothing here. Double pendants finding it hard to hold down a song on his own? Hmmmmmmmmm

ROUND 11: [winner: undecided]

KTR: So Sucidal feat Movado
I’m a big Movado fan but I didn’t really feel this on first listen…. Then somehow the song got deleted from my ipad before it could grow on me………. I no get ipad just felt like saying that lol…. Song got deleted from my struggleberry.

BOATS: In Town feat Mike Posner
Didn’t expect this collab. Pretty abstract………………………………………………. With all that said tho Mike Posner should have kept this for himself… This is a number 1 hit record for Posner. Like really. 2 chainz kinda dulled onthis. Or not dull, d track no just dey executed properly. There’s something missing from this… Or maybe its cos the beat is just too straight forward. No switches Its hard to not like this song tho….. But the feeling like it couldve been better d limit my enjoyment… Both wrestlers showing signs of weakness right about now.


BOATS: Ghetto Dreams feat Scarface and John Legend
Churrchhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My fav song on the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this yo. Guy yo smh Face Mob is officially out of retirement now folks. A feature on 2 of the hottest albums out no be small thing. John Legend on this is almost > John Legend on Free Mason. This album should end here b. As a matter of fact I am going to end the BOATS review here. Why? Cos I can my nigga. The next and last track is pretty dope too sha…… Back to Ghetto Dreams. Scarface brought it. 2 chainz brought it. John Legend killlllllledddddddddd this. You can skip church and just bump this back to back and be good my nigga. This is for the soul. Overall this is a good album. One of the best that have dropped this year….. Before you argue that ask yourself how many albums you’ve heard this year and how many have sold better than 2 chainz’ product. Sales don’t always mean the music is dope, it means the mass public fell in love with the artist and were so confident they chose to support in this era of free music downloads. That’s a huge win.. The flow is lazy but the lanky nigga who owns it works hard.

KTS: B Boys feat Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood, Birdman, Mack Maine
My best kendrick verse this year. Word play did on this Mannie Fresh beat is unequivocal (don’t even know what that means but it seems fitting to describe what I want. I just be using words)… The amazing part of this song is how Ace Hood managed to not get managed by all that b. Dude went hard. ShoutOut to Dj Khaled for not letting up on this kid. Pretty bright future ahead if he makes the right decisions. The YMCMB bosses went extremely hard as well. My nigga Bryan ‘baby’ Williams said: …higher than buggatti nigga…” Lol I need somebody to break that down for me.
Solid jam to close out a good effort from Monsieur Khaled. I doubt there’ll ever be a DJ album like Dj Clue’s professional 1 and 2. I was wrong for even thinking that was possible.

Got A Couple (or more) Things To Say Again:

*More than 50% of the songs from both albums will stay in my phone for a minute.
*I skipped one or two songs from KTR and BOATS cos I had to type this on my phone and that’s pretty stressful. My laptop on sabbatical
*Thanks for reading. ShoutOut to every blog this is on.
*If you want the link to the albums. Or you want me to review a certain project (even yours / your homeboys’). Or you want me to out-drink you. Hit me up @LifeIsIzzy. I love listening to music and drinking.
*If you took your precious minutes to read. Just take 1 more minute share with ur homies if you feel am. Thanks

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