Can Anybody Hear Me


Ok, when I decided to write this article for my blog, I really thought I was popping, but now as I’m writing this article, I can’t remember the exact subject I wanted to write on. Yh, I guess I’m forgetful like that, or my processor’s buffer just got full and the file got missing somehow. Anyways, I’m really hoping that as I continue writing this piece, that I’ll remember.
I really wanted to go the written lane this time, but this might just be the longest post/article I’ve written for my blog. I actually thought I already wrote an article on this song before, I guess it was just in my head.

Anyways, I almost gave up on writing this article when I heard this “quotable” from the song, at the end. Cant seem to remember that one too anyways, it seems I’ve found a regular theme I can stick too as I see fit, and I’ll try and go back and listen and write some posts on some of those good songs that inspire me.

Sometimes I gotta ask myself what do I do it for

That’s one of the reason’s I love Soulo’s music; very sincere. Every time I want to write another post I ask myself why I do this, one thing that always comes to mind is therapy, yh, call it the “Rants of a Beautiful Mind”.  Lemme just freestyle instead of trying to write in a seemingly regular pattern. As I was thinking, I watched an interview where Ab-Soul kinda explained the “Long Term” series ish, and he was like he wants his VH1 Driven ish, I’ll normally check the internet for the correct ish, but I don’t want to stop writing else I might not complete it. I actually watched Kanye West’s own; a kinda live performance but just a small crowd. Not necessarily instruments I think, and he was explaining the inspiration and “logic” behind some of those songs, some powerful stuff ryt there. Anyways, lemme say a quick prayer, if that’s the only live performance I get to see in my life of an artist I actually like, I’m ok.

Lemme get back to the song, this is the kinda shii I hate,  now the article looks so short, I really should burst my bubble or keep my paper and biro closer and that’s never gonna happen.

It’ll prolly take a long time before I write about a “Nigerian song” that inspired me to write an article for my blog. Yeah, I kinda remember what was supposed to be the theme of this article, wanted tot alk about the “industry” and the “listener’s standards”, but I can’t, I really need that quotable to get me started and I can’t seem to hear it.

While waiting for inspiration, i’m a big fan of “Punch”; he’s one of the reason I wanted to write this article. Some inspirational shii. Whether his verses are ghost-written or not, I doubt it, I don’t really care, anyways, I don’t think he’s been on any other black hippy member’s project . I love his verses; always on point. A record label exec, coming through on one of his signees track and holding his own. That has to be one of my dreams.

With my bare hands I can move the earth
Just cause I said it in my verse
That’s the power of words

Some “biblical” stuff right there, his lines always on point. Always got me thinking bout different stuffs.

I think this piece should remain in my not-posted folder.


Why do I really bother, why do I do it? I wonder to myself, can anybody hear me? And this is the perfect song to think aloud to myself over. And when I do think of it, its just thinking, I’m not bothered. I’m sure of it even though I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m sure of or I don’t want to share it. Anyways, I would say more but I don’t want to go the sincere lane like Ab-Soul. Ironic, right. Anyways, one line of the song is ironic too, he was like if you dont want to hear any of his lines, just press fast forward and listen to the emotion in the chorus, best believe when you’re listening to Ab-Soul especially on his own track, you’re listening to some “emotional” shii. Had to smile at the “emotional” line that I put right there, I watched a freestyle, and he was like he’s tryna make some money, and they(fans) are like they only like him for conscious songs, whatever the fuck that means….lool. I’ve wandered off course from what I had written down.  Anways, there was no chorus after he said that line till the end of the song.

For the record, this post was hand written first, I think I’m really getting a hang of this thing, feels good too, if I was typing directly, the buffer might be full and some interesting points I’ve thought of adding to the post would go missing. Anyways, to burst my own bubble without bursting my own bubble, I’ve decided to also post the first draft that I wrote for this post. It wasn’t hand written obviously.

I just hope that eventually, if he does get to have one; VH1 driven show or whatever they call it, I get to watch it live, the complete video ish would do too.

As I was thinking of what to write next, I think I’ve discovered my answer, I knew it all along; “I can hear me”,  and that’s all that matters for now. Yeah, I just wanna be happy and shii and make heaven, that’s all.

Yesterday, when I wrote the first draft, I was thinking of adding like a “not so random” number for anyone that actually reads this shii to decipher or try to. Doubt anyone can tho.

Anyways, the number is 59828000 and counting.


  1. Reference Day Aug 17, 2012
  2. 86200
  3. the position after first, then add “-s” at the end.

I hate it when my name is mentioned with the same niggas
Who other than their DNA are the same niggas
They in the same circle, fuck the same bitches
Shake the same hands, man I’m trynna expand

Life is all about change & progress and shii, I’m making some in my life

Can Anybody Hear Me

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