Almost There

Fun Fact; I actually wrote this post on paper before I typed it, its been long since I did dis, I actually miss the feeling I get when I write. Anyways, I woke up this morning only for someone to try and make me sad, and I had to turn to this “random” song for company. Been thinking of writing one piece on one of Soulo’s songs, was thinking of “Picture That”, but anyways, inspiration’s really flowing. Well, its “Novacane For The Pain”.

Anways, to the song.

Soulo’s songs always inspire me, and anytime I get inspired, I remember when I wanted to download my first Ab-Soul’s album, not too long ago, and the artwork got some really “nasty” comments, still trying to “decipher” It tho.

Ok, at this point, I have to admit I don’t feel like writing about the song again. I’ll just pick some “quotables” and write my “piece”.


“…in any event, treat it like it might be your last time, cos that’s what I learnt last time…”

In one statement, Life Is Too Short. And It kinda sums up, why I wanted to write this article in the first place.


When I first listened to this track, what I first thought of was the “thousands” if not “millions” of “artistes” in this country.

You know, giving themselves some hope that they’re “almost there”, but then I heard another quotable

“….as if losing’s ever an option, had to burst my own bubble, I really thought I was popping….”

You know some of them, even most of them need their bubbles burst, anyways, its their life. Life is too short not to do what you want to do anyways, and this is what I feel like doing atm.

I really thought I was a good writer, at least this shit is therapeutic. I really should keep my paper and biro close to me. I know I’ve written tens of articles like this in my head, literally, and I have to think of those people I’ve “ignored” or “snubbed” when doing so. Phew, I’m just getting some “necessary” therapy.

Lemme rest my hand a little while I wait for another quotable, I don’t want to delve into “Long Term”.

Anyways, I picked one for myself

“…..more and more, you’ll see there’s no limit to what you can accomplish….”

That’s the quote I’ll take from writing this piece.

Almost There – Ab-Soul


  1. Bobby · August 11, 2012

    9ce one (y).. you said “Life is too short not to do what you want to do anyways.” . what if you have to put what you want to do on hold cos there are somethings or some people (that mean alot to you) that are just hinderances to what you want to do?..

  2. Weird_Nigerian · August 11, 2012

    Nice Piece, Almost Rekindled my Spirit…. Just Almost. (Y)

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