Soul Cry

OK, I find myself writing another “article” for my blog. Anyways, when I set out to “update” my blog, I wanted to write on the song that’s been stuck in my head for like 1 week now; Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” his second single off his upcoming album; great song, can’t wait for the album; The Great Rap Album Part 1. Next, just got my own copy of Nas’ Life Is Good album, haven’t “listened” yet, expecting some great stuff though, for now though “Bye Baby” is the track on my mind, storytelling on point.

Soul Cry, well, not the first time I was listening to the track, but this time, the track ministered to my soul; the chorus precisely. I know how that sounds, well, I don’t but it sounds weird and stupid in my head, the chorus is not “repetitive”, it just reminds me of the word “Grace” and “God” and “life” as a whole, how ironic, considering one of his lines from the track; he went further on one of his tracks on Control System. Oh, Its an Ab-Soul track, anyone who reads this blog would know I’m a big fan of Ab-Soul. Anyways, this track reminds me of “Book Of Soul” on his Control System, also reminds me of the first article I wrote on this blog. Storytelling things, gotta love it.

I ain’t shit
I must be constipating

Cause I ain’t shit
Naw, I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit


Cause I ain’t shit
You may think I’m eating
But I ain’t shit
Naw I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit


Cause I ain’t shit
I don’t need no toilet paper man I ain’t shit
Naw, I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit, I ain’t shit

Looks and sounds like some shit doesn’t it. Now I feel like I’m going “spiritual” on myself, but you know the bible says “…what is man that thou art mindful of him…” that’s the first verse that comes to my mind when anyone mentions anything about grace. I would go deeper, but I’ll stop here. Might just write a follow up, but no one reads this shii.


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