I Guess I’ll Just Keep Talking To Myself #1

Ok, so I’ve decided to come back here, apparently I’ve been away for a while, at least that’s what i think…….OK so what do i want to talk about….yh, so i heard one line from a song, and i can’t keep it out of my head, its got me thinking; “….we might not change the world, but we gon’ manipulate it…”, from one view the statement is very wrong, but i think its a realistic statement, to an extent tho. OK, I’m done with that, don’t want to go into details and philosophical discussions I’ll rather have in my head. OK, yh, well, been listening to Ab-Soul a lot this past weeks, and we’ll, the guy’s good. Briefly, lemme tell you this, tho i know i’m talking to myself, i really should go back to therapy, i’m just saying whatever comes to my head, and this shii feels good, if only, anyways, when i first listened to AB-Soul i was intrigued, he piqued my attention, not very many artistes do that, most of the times, i listen to music on “recommendation”. Ok, the first track i listened to that he was on was “Ab-Soul’s Outro” on Kendrick Lamar’s “sensational” album; “Section 80”, and yeah, that was the beginning of mt “Black Hippy” education, so to speak, and I’ve not looked back since then, tho I’m kinda looking back, or reminiscing if you will. Anyways, lemme play the song again so that i can say something bout it….yeah, it was kinda my favourite track until i listened to “HiiiPower”, Hiipower’s the last track, and his track was the “second to the last”, anyways, about the track, i was “fascinated”, but i still couldn’t listen to his music until it was kinda recommended, Thank God i knew someone who was already far along into his “Black Hippy” education, anyways…..yeah, i already had his album, i just hadn’t listened to it, and i’m grateful i listened to it when i did. He’s kinda changed my life in one way. Fast forward to when next i listened to a new track of his; “Black Lip Bastard”, yeah, the title was kinda ” “, but i already got myself some education, and its just one of his nicknames. i think its kinda cool, except the last word ofcourse. Anyways, just thought i should write something on this blog, its been kinda long. He’s a “Real Thinker”. Get it? Bless. I might just be writing this kinda shii, on here, it kinda feels good. OK, so i think i now have a Nigerian female rapper that i want to listen to, yeah, we’ll see how my “education” goes. And that just reminded me of another female rapper that,…before i talk about that, i read one tweet once that “educated” my perception, that why i kinda had to be careful when describing the aforementioned female rapper; cant really rememeber the tweet, it had to do with, an artist that’s from Nigeria, and an artist that makes music for Nigeria t least that’s what i remember. Anyways, i think its the artist that defines that. Ok, back to that other rapper, or so she claims, lemme not talk about her, but that song had so much potential, it should have been a male rapper, jst saying, the chorus was on point. Ok, i think that’s all for now.

Oh yeah, almost forgot OTT, yeah, its funny how the use of “complex” english, can cover up a lame line, or so i think. #okbye


  1. omalone1 · June 26, 2013

    G wiz. just about got through half of that, but what you really saying.

  2. Tony Michele · June 26, 2013

    haha. i was basically saying ‘nonsense’. talked bout the first time i listened to ab-soul on kendrick’s section 80. that track changed my life.

  3. omalone1 · June 26, 2013


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