“The height of art is to conceal art” ~ Unknown Author

Well, i sort of agree to the quote. I was listening to “All of the lights”; that Kanye West track off his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album and i discovered the orchestra layer on it FOR THE FIRST time; and yes it’s a big deal to me. I was disappointed and impressed; disappointed cos for someone like me dat prides himself in listening to lots of GOOD music; mostly foreign cos i can easily download a full album from the internet unlike Nigerian music and i mean for free.

But as usual i was impressed; for God’s sake it’s Kanye West; i always wondered what 11 artists (not mediocre but Great) were doing on 1 track . One word; AMAZING//GENIUS. It definitely deserved the Grammys it won; but i have to voice my opinion; it deserved @ least a nomination in the “Song of the Year” category; though a win would have been possible if Adele was not nominated. I’ve always thought the Grammy’s sort of discriminated against the “rap” genre. I mean common; “Love the way you lie” was like the biggest record of 2010 and they shoot down it’s only chance of winning a Grammy, and they gave it to Jay-Z, for “On to the next one” ;  for freaking sake its EMINEM. if it was “Empire State of mind” it would have been condolable but giving Swizz his first Grammy; *smh.



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