Musings – Becoming



This is one word that has been on my conscious subconsciously for the past few days.

Sometimes (quite often than I care to count) when I reminisce and reflect on my previous posts on my blogs among other things; I think to myself – perhaps you should just delete these posts.

They certainly don’t represent who I am now, who I am becoming.

Most times, i overcome these urges by the simple fact that certain people still find some succor between the lines of my writings.

Recently, I read a quote in a blog post, and the quote says; “We are always becoming…who we will be”, and it has stuck with me.

“Read. Reflect. Write.”

Write from the heart
Write for the heart
Write for the art
Art from the heart

This is certainly the case in my situation.

Anytime I’m feeling nostalgic and decide to go down memory lane (so to speak) and read the previous posts, sometimes I feel ashamed that I cared so deeply about such things, sometimes I’m amazed how apt those words truly describe my thoughts and feelings at that moment in time and sometimes I wish I could delete them and never have to worry about them again.


True art should represent where the artist is at in his life at the moment of creation, at least little pieces of him.

And this is what I believe these posts, random thoughts, rants et al represent; art.

While I might still feel ashamed or amazed, I believe they represent and testify to the process of becoming.

We are always becoming.

Grace & Peace.

Musings – Thank You Very Much


‘Life is in phases, men are in sizes’.

I think I’m in this phase of my life where I’ve come to be thankful for all that has happened to me and around me; all that I’ve experienced.

I don’t know if it’s a phase or a disposition I would have for the rest of my life on earth, I certainly favour the latter.

Have you ever looked back on the good, the bad an the ugly and just say a simple prayer of thanksgiving; that these events happened.

Everything I’ve experienced is certainly part of who I am, it may or may not define me, but it is part. I’ld like to think so. Let me be.

That brings me to the second part of this post:

Thank you very much for supporting this blog and myself with the views, likes, comments.
Thank you very much to the guest writers inspired by God and some of my own writing.
Thank you very much to the other blogs I visit and read (they are too much to list)
Thank you very much to the writers that have inspired and still inspire me to keep at this. I pray for more grace for you. More ink to your pen from the fountain of inspiration.
Thank you very much to my unofficial editors for the support, knowledge, insight and truthfulness. They have helped my grow as a writer, as a person.
Thank you very much to the one I keep sending my unpublished drafts, your comments are part of what keep me going. I cherish our friendship and I plan to hold on for as long as I’m allowed.
Thank you very much to that roommate who introduced me to hip-hop, music and poetry. That one song is one I would never forget.
Thank you very much to my two brothers, that discussion of which I was an observer is a blessing in disguise. You talked about Life, Religion, Rap, Poetry, Kanye, Music, the future, conspiracy theories, too many deep things, etc My life has never been the same since that night or should I say morning. I met my saviour a couple days later.
Thank you very much for listening to my ideas and opinions, and including me in the process.

Thank you very much. I’m thankful.

Partly inspired by ‘Thank You Very Much’ by Rapsody and ‘Tell Me Yours’ by Propaganda.

Grace & Peace ✌️

Musings – Untitled #16


Money faileth too. This is what I can say I learnt yesterday. Very important lesson. I’ve come to learn that we as human beings, ‘we all need something'; someone to love and someone to love us back or seem to love us back (because everything is not always what it seems), no matter how we have been hurt, gotten our heart ‘broken’, we all seek to put our trust in someone(s)/something(s).

Who/What we now put our trust in is now the important question.

A while back, in my musings journal, I commented on how we as humans when it is pointed out that we have/might have taken a leap of faith in the wrong direction, it gets us all confused, angry and several emotions follow. I believe this is just an example of the complex being that was created by the perfect God.

What do I really know tho? (Sometimes I feel compelled to write this at the end of some of my ‘babblings’).

Grace & Peace.


Another random Facebook post that seemed too long :)

Musings – Untitled #15



O, in recent times of despair, when I find my soul not comforted, storms of the world raging, the illusion of control slowly fading away from my view.

O the comfort the word of God brings to my soul. My recent discovery or should I say ‘re-discovery’, I know not which term to use – of Romans 8:28.

All things work together to the good of those that Love Him, that have been called out according to His purpose.

The lyrics of Audrey Assad’s track titled; ‘Restless’ come to mind right about now;

“I’m restless, I’m restless,
till I rest in you, O God.
I wanna rest in you, O God.”

All those that trust in Him will not be put to shame.

O, how I long to put all my trust in Him. Flesh can and will only fail you.


Just a random Facebook post that seemed too long.

Musings :: Masks – Untitled #14


They’re all props
The society is pushing this propaganda
The battlefield of the mind
‘Better keep that mask on boy’
‘No one wants to see the real you boy’

The anomaly
We all need something
Sense of belonging

Everyone walking around with their masks on
Expecting another to love them for the person they are behind the masks
Imperfect creation
Expectations that can only lead to disappointments

‘You gotta give something to get boy’
‘Nothing in life comes free boy’

Thanks be unto God for the free gift of salvation
Not by my works, lest I boast in myself

O the tears that fight to fall when I think of this
“I deserve this not!!!”
I have done nothing
And can do nothing
To deserve it

Thanks be unto God alone who has called us out of darkness into His marvellous light. ✌️